Yet another cycling injury!

Yet another cycling injury!, originally uploaded by leguape.

This is from last Saturday, I should have posted it earlier. It’s gradually healing up but is still a bit sore around the edges. It’s at the scabbed over, not quite healed in the middle stage.

I am of course stuck at work this weekend, missing out on what looks like another nice day for Cyclocross. I’ve been meaning to write some articles for work recently but just haven’t quite found the time or motivation.

Interesting article in the Telegraph about British Cycling setting up a women’s professional team around Nicole Cooke:

Nicole Cooke at hub of new British team

Aim is to build towards the Olympics and Worlds next year. All sounds very exciting and would be a great draw for getting more women into the sport, which it would really benefit from.

I’ll write something more considered tomorrow when I have the day off.

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