I’ve been Pez’ed

Despite a frantic week at work and minimum time on the bike I still managed to get my mug on just about every cycling site going. What’s more, I didn’t even need to win a race to do it.

I got asked to take part in the press call for the Smithfield Nocturne and, as I had the day off, I thought I would play the role of suited commuter. It was a rather novel experience to find myself tootling through central London in a suit and tie at a leisurely pace on a folding bike. What’s more surprising is that it didn’t take me much longer to get where I needed to go.

So here’s me on Pez Cycling, one of my preferred cycling sites:


And here’s me on the extremely informative cyclingnews.com (who got my name wrong, grrrr, points off for accuracy there):


I’ve also blagged into the journo race so I’ll be riding over with a folder on my back with my suit in the bag it’s strapped to. That might be a bit of a challenge.

Once again it all kicks off around Smithfield from 5pm or so with a tasty looking regional A race then there’s the journos/all stars; the fabulous wacky races insanity of the courier race; the utter bedlam of the folding bike race; and finally the daredevil speed of the Elite riders. More info here:


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