2007: The one year plan

This year there must be something to aim for, just to make things easier so here we go with the big “policy decisions” for me and my bikes:

  • Get my weight down to 70kg – the heavier I am the harder work the hills are.
  • Improve my flexibility and core strength – I’ve got an exercise ball and I’m trying to make plenty of use of it. Being about as flexible as teak and with the core strength of balsa wood this is a bit of a priority.
  • Ride the Tour of Flanders sportif– I’m planning the 140km but Justin is trying to persuade me of the full distance. 260km in the Belgian spring? Dream on.
  • Ride Mont Ventoux – there’s a club trip to Beaume De Venise’s sportif event (170km) and as it’s 40 years on from the death of Tom Simpson, it seems a fitting year to make the pilgrimage.
  • Ride the UK Etape – it seems to be pencilled in to the British Cycling events calendar for 1st July 2007 with everything else about it TBA. I’m still contemplating trying to get a place on the Etape Du Tour itself. If you can get me a cost entry, then I’m interested.
  • Score a point – obviously this involves actually finishing a race, something I singularly failed to do last year. I’ve got to remember to get my race licence and upgrade to British Cycling’s Silver membership too.

Tomorrow I’m seeing a man about a dog, or rather a bike shop about a frame. In this case a lovely Eddy Merckx one in the Cyclefit sale. Potentially it might be a bit long in the top tube for me, so I have crossed my fingers and started hoping. In my mind I’ve already decided how I am going to build the bike up so I’m trying to avoid disappointment at this stage.

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