Merckx me up baby!

Well the classic shape Eddy Merckx frame was too big for me in the top tube. But the compact/sloping one wasn’t, so I now own an Eddy Merckx Race frame in black, silver and red. I’ve also ordered an SRAM Rival groupset for it. I’ve already got the bar I want (Deda 215 shallow) and a decent enough set of wheels (Mavic Kysrium Equipe) which leaves stem. seatpin, saddle, pedals and bar tape to deal with.

For the saddle I’m quite tempted to go all out on a Specialized Toupe in black with a Deda Magic Stick seatpin, although Cyclefit might have an original Merckx on for it. Pedals most likely Look Keo, although I’m still tempted by switching to Speedplays. Bar tape is obviously going to have to be Stella Azzura Eleganza (or their softer one for Flanders).

On the basis of “what it would have cost me” and “what I saved in reductions” it’s great value: the frame was something between £400 and £500 off RRP (depending on where you shop) and the groupset came in at nearly £140 cheaper than most place are doing it. So say £640 saved at most and a bike that should still come in under a grand.

I’m actually rather excited by it, despite the profligacy involved in buying a third bike. Well, one with a triple, one with a compact and one with mudguards makes a nice selection I think.

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