Seasonal disorders

I was hoping to post about racing at Eastway today. Unfortunately my health wasn’t so keen on that. My back/hip trouble is back and taking no prisoners and I’ve still not shifted the remnants of the flu that put me to bed over a week ago.

The flu has mutated into a cough/cold/snot problem. I apologise if you have been witness to one of my displays of hacking, spitting and wheezing this week. The commute has actually been quite helpful in warming up my tubes and getting the lurid green, wallpaper-pasty substances out of my system before getting to work.

Actually it’s been a bloody lousy week all round so not racing today was a blessing. I’ve not been training much really and haven’t been out for a long ride in ages. I’m also incredibly grumpy at the moment and that usually results in me riding rather recklessly in general: not bothering to slow at junctions, shouting abuse at anyone getting in my way, contemplating skipping ambers and even reds, hammering it in traffic. All the usual stuff really.

I must get back into some sort of shape, or at least maintain some over the winter if my plan to be more competitive next year is going to be realistic. I’ve given up pretending I’m going to win any prizes with my ability so the plan is to be at least competitive to make it a bit more enjoyable.

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