The battle of wounded knee

It’s not so much a physical one as a mental one – My left knee has been feeling a bit sore since Monday and I haven’t been out on the bike to stretch it out yet. I’m going to get it looked at just to be sure but that hasn’t stopped me worrying.

The “what if” element of the situation is proving difficult to deal with. I would be distraught if it were something serious enough to stop me riding the Etape, but would probably end up trying to ignore it and ride through it. There’s less than 3 months to go and nothing is going to make me back out now.

I shouldn’t really mock the idea of taking a positive mental attitude to get me through it but I can’t resist finding the idea that “thinking positive” can deal with a physical problem slightly preposterous.

Preliminary advice is that it might just be down to stiff hip flexor muscle, which would explain why my left side is feeling a bit weak in general.

I’ve been trying to do the stretches as recommended by cyclefit on their stretching page which are helping relieve the pain and ease my ongoing lower back ache:

I have a suspicion it’s spending too much time sitting on a poorly designed chair in front of the computer that is the problem. I suppose I could sit on the bike and balance the latop on the handlebars instead. Or I could get out on the bike and ride it off and stop saying “tomorrow I’ll do it.”

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