Need a lift?

Ed in Vercors may be able to help if you need a transfer from the airport for either La Marmotte or L’Etape:

“There obviously seems to be a lot of interest in these 2 events at the moment. I was wondering if there are any independent riders out there travelling on their own or as a group/club/team who need transfers to the start/finish of either of these events at Gap or Alpe d’Huez? I have VW 9 seater minibus & custom built bike trailer available if required? If there is a demand for people coming into either Geneva or Lyon I could bring a tool box & track pump along so you cant sort bikes out then I can move bike bags over to Alpe d’Huez, hotels. Then transfer riders back to the airport after the event(s). Bearing in mind this is about a 900km round trip journey! Is there a requirement out there for this service to riders? Feedback welcome. email:


Please get in touch with Ed directly if you are interested.

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