First ride of the year

Do not let anyone ever convince you that “recovery drinks” taste palatable in any way.

I just tried the vanilla-flavoured Science in Sport Rego in my trial pack I bought and, good god! It was down the sink faster than it took to make it. I’m going to have to find something more palatable for after my rides.

Went out for my first ride of the year in the constant drizzle of central London to pick up a pair of Bontrager Race Lite Hardcase 7000×23 tyres to replace my 700×28 ones. I need to get used to a better quality of tyre and one that fits under my Race Blades mudguards. the 28s were rubbing at the back, something I didn’t notice when I fitted them. In theory this means I’m on “racing” tyres, albeit training/durable ones.

What difference this will make is anyone’s guess but it will probably see me skittering around corners like a giraffe on ice until I get used to them and pluck up the courage to find out how much grip they have.

I had to hose the bike down in the shower as it was filthy from a 1.5 hour ride during which I seem to have collected as much grime and dirt as is physically possible. Felt quite easy on the bike and I was fair clipping along (but remembering to adhere to the highway code as far as possible).

Part of me says I should forget about investing in a new bike and instead get this one sorted out properly. That said I wouldn’t mind some carbon forks on it and given the amount I could spend I might be as well to get myself a newer bike at the next price point up, or perhaps the big splash out on a Specialized Roubaix Elite (subject to being able to get one with a triple) or Trek 5000.

Time for a shower and replenishment with pizza or something. It’s not like I’m not using up the excess calories.

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