Early loss of motivation

Because of poor sleep my head is still all foggy mid-afternoon and having ventured out of the office to grab my lunch I realised that it seems to be cold enough out to freeze vodka solid. Not ideal conditions for going out for a ride, as I had planned.

This sort of lack of motivation is just what I don’t need if I’m going to start putting the hours in. A more hopeful view would be that it is stopping me overtraining and attempting too much too soon.

From next week I’ll be making time in my schedule to get out and ride with a club or a group of fellow Etape riders round my area. For reference that’s Chiswick in West London and we’ll probably be putting the miles in around Richmond Park until the weather improves and it’s lighter in the evening.

Perhaps it’s the dark and the riding alone that seems so uneviable. Let’s hope it is just that.

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