Fizik saddles advertising EPIC FAIL!

I don’t usually berate road cycling adverts for getting it wrong because I think the standard is so ridiculous across the entire industry, stretching from shamefully bad to well-intended disaster.

I’ve never understood the obsessions with Tron pseudo-science and heritage in road cycling advertising. They are at the root of why road has failed to grow and compete with BMX and then MTB, both of which seem to have realised that fun and excitement are what the vast majority of people want and aspire to when it comes to bicycles, not vertical compliance, lateral stiffness and watts.

I digress. What made me write this was this image in the Probikekit email today.

fizik advert feat. Danilo Di Luca quote

Really Danilo? I thought your current “favourite weapon” was third generation EPO products.

Either this is one of the most ironic adverts ever, in which case I missed the funny, or it’s just a rubbish and ill-judged space filler.

I’m not missing something here am I?

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