An open letter to professional riders on the subject of speaking out about doping

Dear riders,

Some of you have been remarkably outspoken on the fate of one of your number, forcefully damning one idiot. Sadly you seem to equally reticent to condemn another, well, idiot.

I’m sure you don’t need me to put the names here for us all to be familiar with the situations I am typing about. Perhaps some cases rouse your ire more readily, but we should be careful to speak out with equal vehemence regardless of personal feelings about a rider.

To help you, I’ve written some words which you might like to consider:

“His A and B samples were both positive for a banned substance. The amount is irrelevant.

Given that he has failed to demonstrate an evidenced mitigating factor, such as supplement contamination or improper handling of samples, it is only right that he should serve a two year ban.

We are all aware of strict liability as it applies to our profession. It’s insulting to the intelligence of every rider and fan that he continues to persist with such an implausible defence.”

These could apply to almost any case in the past, present or future on which you might wish to express an opinion.  If in future you would like to express an opinion, please feel free to use the form of words above as a starting point.

I will happily publish your opinion for you. You can reach me by email but please remember to specify the case in question so that I can make sure my readers are aware who you are talking about. I also accept video and audio.

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