Cyclocross training around Richmond Park and Wimbledon Common

So I’ve now got the new Ridley Crossbow set up as close to perfect as I can get, I’ve got no excuses for not training.

Today I rode a nice loop that I think makes a half decent training ride for cyclocross: Chiswick Bridge to the Wimbledon Windmill and back.

View Chiswick Bridge Wimbledon Windmill in a larger map

There’s plenty enough obstacles to practice with in Richmond Park and the sandy tracks and muddy horse trails on Wimbledon Common are great for a workout and getting your handling together. Plus there’s enough bits of woodland to practice the more technical stuff as well.

I’m still not entirely clear on where I can and can’t ride on the Common but my rule is to show a bit of courtesy where I’m not sure of right of way usually avoids any potential conflicts. That and puffing and wheezing like I’m about to die.

Interesting to note that new crossings specifically for cyclists and horses are almost in place at the Robin Hood Gate junction of the Park and Common.

It’s also a route that I’m considering for a Gentlemen’s Cyclocross ride. It doesn’t feel right for Urban Cyclocross as it’s a bit lacking in bricks and mortar. These two are my current obsessions and I know there’s some interest for organising something in the latter category in London…

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