At last, the end of summer

I was beginning to worry that it would never happen, as I rolled down my arm wamers on the way home on Monday night, but finally the ridiculously mild weather has come to an end. No doubt my decision to take out the clippers and crop my hair back to a grade two was highly influential in effecting this change.

It was a terrifying prospect that all those items of kit – jackets, gloves, warmers, baselayers, the list goes on – wouldn’t get a decent outing this year. Having spent a fortune on building up a wardrobe to cover almost every eventuality I feel quite obliged to get some use out of the full range.

I’m quite looking forward to pulling on that long-sleeved merino baselayer for the first time. A little care tip: put them in a pillowcase and tie the end off when you put them in the wash. This stops them snagging on the drum. I’ve discovered this the hard way as my short-sleeve one is now looking slightly more like a string vest than it should.

I’ll do something on winter esentials this weekend when I get a moment.

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