I want my youth back, and my Raleigh Burner

If you are around 31 years old, grew up in Britain and rode bikes as a kid you know what I mean. While nostalgics tends to bang on about the Chopper as the iconic Raleigh bike (it tends to be people who are far to young to have ever owned one when they first hit the market) I would argue that the Raleigh Burner, Mark I and II are by far the most influential bikes that the company ever made.

I used to have one and I still miss it. It was stolen by some drunken idiot back in 1999 or so and never recovered. A classic red and yellow Mark I, less the original padset, long since worn out and lost and with an Aeroyal saddle and some flashy grips. It was basic, tough and more than anything indestructibly rideable.

And now I keep on finding myself eyeing up restored jobs on Ebay and elsewhere and contemplating getting one. But at my age do I really need or want one? I’d look like some sad sack middle-aged Hoxtonite trying to be cool wouldn’t I?

But heck they are fun to ride, so if anyone has one that needs a home, I’ll have it.

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