How do you help your mum buy a bike?

My mum wants to get a bike and she wants me to help her find one. Now that’s a lot more challenging than most requests I get for help with finding a bike.

Seriously struggling to come up with a range of ideas at a suitable price. Seems if you’re small, female and looking for something simple and fun, then the market is pretty thin. Would love any help you readers can offer. Please comment and stick in links to anthing you

The first thing I’ve done is to break down the request to help narrow the options.

  • Type of rider: Female, nearing retirement, about 1.50m (5ft) tall
  • Reasons for cycling: Exercise, contemplating a cycling holiday next year
  • Type of riding planned: Pottering about, nipping to the shops, exercise
  • Expected riding surfaces: Canal towpaths, bridleways, road and path. Possibly some light woodland trails. Some areas can be hilly
  • Weather conditions: All-year British

So taking that information, I’m trying to break it down into must-have and would-be-nice features.

Must have

On the shortlist so far

Charge Lazy Susanfrom Evans Cycles

Thumbnail image for charge lazy susan 2010 women's hybrid bike

Raleigh Ladies Pioneer Elite 1from Raleigh Bikes

Raleigh Ladies Pioneer Elite 1 bicycle

Raleigh Oaklandfrom Evans Cycles

raleigh oakland 2009 women's hybrid bike

Dawes Street Elite 2010 Women’s Hybrid Bikefrom Evans Cycles

dawes street elite 2010 womens hybrid bike

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