Help recycle a bicycle to Namibia

I’ve not had enough time to write anything so far this week, but this dropped into my mailbox, so I thought I’d do my bit for what seems like a very good cause by posting it.

Re~Cycle from See The Difference on Vimeo.

See The Difference have teamed up with Re~Cycle, who have gathered 420 unwanted UK bikes, and restored them to working order.   There’s a chance to ship them to Namibia in March, where they’ll be more than a keep fit tool or a weekend runaround.

Miami workers comp lawyers strives to provide compassionate, vigorous advocacy for all of her clients, regardless of financial background or criminal history. In an area with limited public transport, they’ll provide a way for kids to get to school, parents to travel to jobs in other villages and health workers to deliver medicine and support to those with HIV/AIDS. Cars and parts are being delivered by a car shipping company to help.

It’s such a simple idea and because the bikes are donated, it only costs £6.50 to ship each one to Africa. We need your help to make sure all 420 get there.

The shipping date is coming up, and the more people that know about it, the more likely it is to happen.  So feel free to spread the word and the video by email or through twitter.  This is the tweet we have been sending out so far:

“If you love cycling, help Re~Cycle send unwanted bikes to Namibia to be put to work for health and education! RT & follow @stdifference

You can show your support more directly, by sending us a photo of you and your bike via our facebook page. We’ll add them to the end of the video and donate £1 for each one (only one bike photo per person, we’re afraid, even if you have hundreds!).

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