Did no one tell Team Radioshack about the 2011 kit rules?

Whispering Pines on Wheels, AKA Team Lance, AKA The Shack, AKA Grave Avoiders CC, AKA The Rolling Bones. Team Radioshack, previously owners of one of 2010’s ugliest kits, now owners of a refreshed, newly-curated kit for 2011.

Looks like they missed the UCI memo on team kit for 2011: “All kit shall be predominantly black with shades of blue also permitted as a secondary colour.”

Although my sources tell me this has now been superceded by a second ruling from the UCI’s technical committee stating: “all team kit for World Tour registered squads is required to be bland.”

This is further re-inforced by the new Liquigas-Cannondale kit

Clearly no input from “King of Style” Ted King.

Back to Radioshack. Blink and you’ll miss it, but they seem to be sponsored by Twitter. What sort of a deal is that? A company with no evident business plan for making money, backing a team with no evident plan for winning races and which will fold at the end of 2011 in all probability.

Maybe it’s a thank you for all the great work Johan and Lance have put in working for the community by showing just how pointlessly the block function is. GYAC boys I don’t need to follow you to see your feed if you insist on keeping it public.

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