London 2007 v Yorkshire 2014 – Tour de France compared

So the report into Yorkshire (and London and Cambridge) hosting the Grand Depart 2014 has finally surfaced.

You can read the full report here as a PDF file . Here’s the equivalent summary for London 2007 which is worth re-reading as a comparison.

Over the first two days

  • Yorkshire had 2.3m unique spectators across the two Yorkshire stages (although it claims 3.3m if you count people who viewed in more than one place)
  • London and Kent 2007 had 2.5m spectators across the two stages (although estimates go as wide as 2 million and 3 million)

Day visitor spend

  • Day visitors to Tour de France in London in 2007 spent £26.15 per person (these are people from outside the host region)
  • Day visitors to Yorkshire spent on average £27.13

Where were they from

  • 57% of people who watched in Yorkshire in 2014 were from Yorkshire
  • 69% of people who watched 2014’s Cambridge to London stage 3 were from Cambridge, London or Essex
  • 45% of people who watched in London in 2007 were from London
  • 61% of people who watched in Kent in 2007 were from Kent

Cost of staying

  • In London 2007, visitors staying in commercial accommodation spent £116.33 per person
  • In Yorkshire 2014, visitors staying in commercial accommodation spent £107.25  (£49.54 on accommodation, £57.71 in other expenditure)
  • People staying with friends/family spent £45.48 per person in 2007
  • People staying with family/friends in Yorkshire spent £45.26


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