God speed you Cav!

Either I’ve broken my jinx or Mark Cavendish really is bloody quick. Two stages, both with clear air between him and the fastest men in the peleton. OK, no Boonen or Bennati but he’s already proven he can beat both of them this year.

What’s impressed me is the rate at which he’s learnt both on the road and afterwards in the media scrum. After a petulant interview when the break stayed away into Nantes on Stage 3, Cav seemed pretty apologetic about it when he finally won on Stage 5, admitting that he was displaying his extreme disappointment then. The generosity with which he thanks his team is also a sign that he is learning their importance to him and maturing in his understanding of the top flight.

Guess who didn’t have a penny on him for either of his stage wins? Yes, I know. Money on would have ensured it all went wrong.

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