Where’s the hill at Hillingdon?

To be honest there isn’t one and I really couldn’t have cared less last night as I was freezing my paws off in the 4th Cat race. A hill might have been good, it might have meant a respite from the windchill and broken things up a bit. Perhaps I should try and race at Crystal Palace more often.

As per the well established formula I didn’t score a point and tootled over the line well back having sat up after trying to go the long way round the long bend before the final sprint. I’ll get it right one week and go flying up that last 200 metres to a win.

Throat is feeling a bit sore which is probably down to the cold but my legs don’t feel at all bad. I rode pretty well apart form the last bit where I tried to go for a long one on the last lap. It never works.

Still, first week of Hillingdon and I actually feel like I might get out of the 4th Cats this year if I can screw my head on right and get over my fear of the bunch sprint.

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