Ways to celebrate the Leopard Trek-Radioshack Merger

I started with this on twitter last night, got a few retweets, so I thought I’d pull them all together into one blog post and add a few more.

I’ll leave it up to devine which factual events I’m referring to. And yes, these all relate to things that have occurred or been done by staff or riders on both teams.

  • Pay a gynaecologist you don’t know lots of money for training advice.
  • Unfairly dismiss someone for specious + unproven wrongdoing. Do it twice if you can.
  • Cane that beetroot juice. You’ll make it to office first everytime! (from Brassyn)
  • ┬áDeny any connection with the man you just bought dinner for.
  • Repeated cheat in your job then act like nothing happened when applying for a management role.
  • Use a tape recording to answer any questions you are likely to be asked today.
  • Acquire a stake in a business then pretend you can’t remember when you got it or how much it is.
  • Quietly erase serious professional wrongdoing from your record and hope no one ever picks up on it.
  • Spend the day looking over your shoulder at your colleagues.

You can add your own in the comments. Only rule: must relate to actual events that have been reported and have a record in fact.

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