How not to ride a race

  • Hang back at the start and dawdle among the back markers for the first few laps
  • Attack from near the back into a headwind
  • When you get off the front give it far too much and not take anyone with you
  • When someone does come across, don’t hold their wheel but shout at them to work with you
  • When a break forms drift off the back of it and get stuck inbetween the break and the bunch
  • Drift back through the main bunch muttering to yourself about having done your bit and not concentrating until you go off the back
  • Don’t sit up but try and chase or ride at the same race pace right up to the point where you are lapped
  • Don’t just drop back in to the bunch but put a dig in at the first opportunity.
  • Call everyone else cowards for failing to attack
  • Go out the back again and finish last be a lap and a bit
  • Don’t bother with warming down so you pull somethingo n the way home

Tuesday night at Hillingdon was fun. Roll on the SWRC sportif on Sunday (hope I’m fit again in time).

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