Come to the Smithfield Nocturne

Come join the fun next Saturday (23rd June) at Smithfield Market

There’s something for everyone:

  • A comedy gold Folding Bike Race
  • An utterly bonkers courier race
  • A fiercely contested support race
  • A lethally quick elite criterium featuring some big name riders

Now guess which one I’m entered in? Well there was only one I even vaguely thought I’d stand a chance of coming close to winning in.

That’s if I can figure out how to assemble the thing. I’m borrowing my mate Steff’s Dahon folder. Given that he’s done the Dunwich Dynamo and London to Windsor on it I should be able to get it round a race. In fact the only time he couldn’t keep up with me on the London to Windsor was on the descents where its smaller wheels weren’t exactly suited to the terrain.

I’m going to recce the course round the market this week to figure out a plan and I’m borrowing the bike all week to get used to the assembly and riding experience for the weekend. It’ll probably be a fairly fast course so handling through the corners will be very important. I’d imagine that not everyone in the race will have raced before so it might be a bit nervous, especially as I’ve heard the course described as “technical”.

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