Not cycling’s blackest day

Finally I get round to launching this site on the day that Floyd Landis’ “B” sample comes back positive for an elevated testosterone:epitestosterone ratio. Not the best of days to set forth into the world of online cycling journalism.

Yes, it is sad that he has failed a control but the way in which the UCI has conducted itself with regard to announcing the “A” sample failure amidst panic over it being leaked to L’Equipe has debased the sport. By comparison, look at the way in which the IOC has reacted to the Gatlin positive and the rection to it.

While Dick Pound has once against continued to publicly denigrate cycling’s efforts to deal with doping, the media view has been that athletics is doing something to get rid of the “cheats” while this is just another sad mark on the already tarnished name of cycling. This is grossly unfair and totally ignores the seemingly endless flow of top athletes who are still testing positive, just as in cycling.

I have always found this purtianical drive to “clean up sport” slightly ludicrous simply because throughout the history of just about everything there have been those who have sought to gain advantage by means that could be considered “not strictly gentlemanly”.

Eventually they get found out and hounded out in disgrace in time honoured ritual. Simply saying you can’t and threatening to ban people is hardly going to stop the deperate and desirous. That’s not to say I’m in favour of it being allowed, it’s just that it will happen whatever you do because fundamentally everyone who does it believes they’ll be the one who doesn’t get caught.

It’s not going to change that millions of people ride bikes for commuting, for fun, for health and not just for racing. And that’s what this is blog about – cycling in all its glory and all the bits I partake of and enjoy. So welcome to it and I hope i can build something for our mutual enjoyment.

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