The highs and lows

One week you’re kicking the cobbles in Belgium, the next you’re stuck in the office trying to follow Paris-Roubaix on the internet and Eurosport. Meanwhile, outside it’s a glorious spring day, over 25 degrees and perfect cycling weather.

That’s how I spent last weekend. Not much fun in any sense other than watching O’Grady win convincingly. More than anything not being able to get out leads to the fear that I’m missing out on valuable training so I forced myself out on Monday for 70km round Richmond Park.

Felt reasonably good although I’ve still not dealt with this hip flexor trouble properly. I’ve been trying to do more stretching to ease it but when I push hard it flares up. Yes, I know I should have been to see a physio already but money is a bit tight at the moment. It’s on my list for this week.

To add to the lows I can’t get time off for the Ventoux trip so I’m going to have to sell my package – Eurostar and hotel between 24 and 28 May – £445 including taxis from station to and from hotel. I was really looking forward to that trip so it’s a bit of a blow to say the least. I’ve crossed my fingers in the hope someone will take it off my hands before I end up out of pocket.

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