No rushing back

By this point in January I was meant to have a hatful of points and be looking at racing as a 3rd Cat. Instead I have a nasty lingering cold and haven’t raced since before Christmas. Unhappy with things doesn’t quite cover it.

Worst of which is that any fitness gains from a week’s snowboarding in the Courmayeur have been entirely eradicated by the following week’s flu which has left me feeling about as strong as a newborn kitten, and about half as lively. Even my flat 4km commute currently leaves me a little out of breath and hot. Not where I was planning on being at this point.

I’m trying to resist the urge to train in any way for fear of pushing myself back into illness. It’s incredibly frustrating to keep on having to ease off the moment I get up to a decent speed. Even more frustrating to keep on having to stop myself from wanting to race seeing as I haven’t done so since before Christmas and I’m really missing both my cyclocross and road racing.

Any tips for speeding up my recovery are more than welcome because it’s starting to get on my nerves.

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