Solving the puncture mystery

Having had a through check of the tyre it seems it was a flint that did the damage. I’ve just plucked it out. At least I now have the excuse I need for some new tyres on the bike.

I think I’ll go with the Continental GP4000s which are essentially the top of the line version of the Grand Prixs that I’ve gone on the bike at the moment. There are so many tyres on the market these days that it’s hard to tell which one is the best or what advantage, other than personal preference, is offered by the range available at any given price point.

I’m sure every rider has in their memory a particularly shoddy brand or model of tyre which they have sworn never to ride again. I think mine must be a horrific Continental tyre on my old Raleigh hybrid. It came with one of those ridiculous names that are meant to impress ouy into buying them – Doublefighter. It certainly didn’t impress me in use as it picked up punctures with alarming regularity.

Then again my Continental Grand Prix tyres certainly seem to be a little less edgy than the Bontrager Race Lite Hardcase which are fine in a straight line and round gentle corners in the dry but rather like ice skates at all other times.

Next week I’ll be looking for excuses for the following – Rapha Stowaway jacket in charcoal, new bar tape in white, new sunglasses that don’t slide down my nose so much, new Zefal pump. I’ll probably find excuses for a couple of those – new bar tape obviously, perhaps new sunglasses.

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