Rough patch and the plan

Anyone starting to get panicky yet about it? I’m having a rough patch with training and not getting in enough miles due to work/weather combination – I’m down to about 50 miles a week but did manage a 50 miler at the end of January which took me about 3-4 hours from Richmond out to Box Hill and back.

In my mind I’ve already thought out my strategy. So long as I can average 30kph for the first couple of hours and then keep it steady up Izoard at around 10-12kph, then I should be OK for avoiding the broom wagon and getting a reasonable time. Lauttaret is just sitting tight and finding a wheel to keep me around 16kph – I’m not scared by 4% for an hour plus but I suppose that climb will be all about keeping it together and fuelled. Then Alpe D’Huez is everything and the kitchen sink in a death or glory attempt at finishing.

Does that sound like I’ve cracked already and am dreaming or a realistic strategy? I’ll be trying to increase my mileage and intensity once this bitingly cold patch has passed but have I left myself with too much to do?

I’m also still having problems with blogger which aren’t looking likely to resolve themselves so I am looking at switching to Movable Type at some point soon as well as switching my hosting ISP. At the moment I’m publishing to blogspot’s hosting and keeping the site in a frame, which is not ideal really.

Finally, I’m unemployed as of Friday due to redundancy so I may have a week or two during which I can get back on top of the training with a couple of long rides and maybe a trip north to the Peak District. I wonder if I’ll bump into David Millar if I do: he’s meant to be using it as his patch for training.

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