On your radio

On Monday night I accepted the kind invitation from Jack Thurston to appear on The Bike Show on Resonance to talk about the Etape and be a studio guest. I very much enjoyed it, even if I am a bit rusty at the whole live radio guest thing.

You can listen to me, as well as an interview with the legendary bicycling beardy that is Sheldon Brown and with the DS of the Rapha Condor race team, Dominic Gabellini, at the following link:


It’s available as a podcast/download or streamed mp3 as well as in ogg vorbis format so that should cover most of your needs.

I’ve promised Jack I’m going to bring him back a package from the Etape about my experiences. Hopefully I’ll find some interesting people to interview along the way. If you are an Etapist and wouldn’t mind being interviewed in Gap on the Sunday and you see me wandering around with a minidisc, microphone and an air of desperation then don’t be afraid to say hello.

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