It is nearly upon us

Firstly let me apologise for my lack of writing on this blog over the last few months. I’ve come to the conclusion that writing two blogs is probably a bit more than I have time for.

My last distance test before the Etape was the London to Canterbury sportif which clocked in at 203km. My plan was to go out fast and ride up near my threshold to simulate the power output required for the Etape. Given the relatively flat and fast course this seemed the most sensible way to attack it. You can read my report on it here:

London-Canterbury Sportif: fun and fast

Admittedly it was a bit slower than I had hoped for but that was down to time wasted at stops and helping people with punctures. When I got into the groove I was really flying and I’m feeling reasonable happy with my form going into the big one.

This year’s setup is slightly different to last year. I’m riding a compact 50/34 with a 12/27 cassette instead of a triple 52/42/30 with 12/27. The frame is a Merckx aluminium rather than a Giant alu/carbon composite and my position has been tweaked so that my position is now much better and less painful.

Should I have gone out and tried the route? Possibly, but where’s the challenge and excitement on the day if it’s familiar? I’m not going to win the damned thing but I am going to enjoy it.

I’ll be blogging it by phone if I have time/flickr works. It’ll be a bit experimental so I can’t guarantee anything.

If you are riding, remember to enjoy the experience. Some people forget this isn’t about being a pro, it’s about enjoying riding your bike.

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