What’s wrong with retroactive testing

I’ve got a real problem with this retroactive testing. Exactly where does it stop and who does it benefit? You’re the guy who has been cheated out of a gold medal earning opportunities, are you going to put your career on hold to go through the hell of court proceedings just because the IOC/UCI/ASO and the testing authorities were too damned pre-occupied with milking their cash cow to get this stuff in order before the games?

Y’know what? It’s two months after the games, when all the homecomings are done and every sponsorship deal has made guys able to stop worrying about the overdraft and get on with enjoying their moment of glory. The IOC/WADA/ASO/UCI/whoever tells me actually I got beaten by a guy who cheated is about as worthwhile as being told “sorry I didn’t see you” after you’ve become a hood ornament.

It’s absolutely pathetic and by cheering “another cheat caught” it diverts from the fact that those sporting bodies are doing the square of naff all to deliver on their end of the deal while the athletes are jumping through more hoops that a circus tiger just to avoid losing their livelihood.

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