We’re back in 2008 as Ricco faces failure

Here’s a meme I prepared earlier: Riccardo Ricco Epic Fail. A lot earlier. Like July 2008 earlier. Riccardo Ricco Epic FailThen I wrote of the hubris of Riccardo Ricco. I stand by what I said then

“Don’t bother searching for culprits in systematic doping, teams, managers, soigneurs or any of the other diversions from the ultimate truth: the ego that made a gobby little kid, disliked by other riders, destroyed him.”

And once again it looks like he has destroyed himself, this time not just as a cyclist but as a human.

There are many questions to be asked. There are many happy to ask them. All I am left to ponder is:

How could a pleasure so simple as riding a bicycle become so corrupted a vice that anyone would put themselves at such mortal risk?

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