London League 2009/10, round 6: crashingly bad

My race lasted about as long as it took me to click up a gear and follow Rene’s wheel towards the first turn. Then someone failed to negotiate the transition from tarmac to grass, speared into someone’s back wheel and they ended up taking me out.

So far so bad. The poor lady who got hit first came off worse. Brand new Condor bike stayed largely undamaged apart from bar tape but her hand went through my front wheel and she cut her index finger badly.

My woes were simple: both wheels trashed to the point of not being rideable: eight or more spokes missing at the front and the back looks like a pringle.

I’m still angry about it because it was the most innocuous part of the course and there was no reason for the accident. That and the fact I currently can’t afford to replace the 300 quid of Mavic Kysrium Equipe that are currently beyond useless.

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