London League 2009/10, round 15: Team Championships

Great video of the race, see if you can spot me. Blink and you’ll miss me. In fact it’s probably not worth the effort trying not to blink.

Enjoy instead how much fun cyclocross is. Despite suffering like a beaten dog in every race, attacking the furthest depths of the finishing order and generally not being very good, every race has been fun.


My back flared up again this week and I had to take my usual mid-race pause until the pain subsided and my lungs started working again. It cost me a good few places and I must stop putting off seeing a specialist about it.

But I really enjoyed what was one of the toughest courses of the year. It had everything: fast twisty woodland, strength-sapping uphills, nerve-jangling descents and DEEP MUD.

Not quite as insane and testing as Hog Hill was but definitely more tricksy than the brake-abusing Penshurst filthfest.

There were a couple of heavy crashes on the descent which were apparently quite nasty and resulted in the air ambulance being called out. Hope it’s a speedy recovery for the injured parties.

The organisers were great in dealing with it all and making sure they got the assistance they needed.

It’s been a great season and once again, it’s a testament to the efforts of the countless organisers that it happens and so many people take part. Thank you all deeply.

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