Bruised and lightly battered

Lydden Hill. Well there’s definitely a hill there, that much I can be sure of. And it hurts like hell. Race two of my season was tough but not as much of a shock to the system as last week’s.

Got a lift there with Jason and a lift back with Rusty to a venue that is practical coastal. So much for it being a London league!

I’m hoping their form will rub off on me: they both finished in the top 12 while I limped in about four places from the back in 50-something. I would have finished a bit higher hopefully but for going backwards up the hill on the first lap and then getting knocked off by someone falling into me.

I tell a lie, I think I was already as far back as I could be when I got shunted. I came off fairly safely and managed not to do any damage to the bike. Other bloke came off a bit worse, luckily on a relatively soft bit.

I have, however, got a whacking great bruise on the back of my right calf and a stiff left shoulder. I guess these are just the traditional hazards of ‘cross.

My favourite cycling blogger, Bike Snob NYC, has been offering his ‘cross advice, all of which seems to fit with my way of thinking:

‘Cross My Heart and Hope to Die: A BSNYC Cyclocross Primer

So time to nurse my wounds and prepare for next week’s battle. I’m already feeling much better about it and a bit fitter. Now I just need to conquer my fear of coming off and attack the course a bit more.

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