I didn’t last long

There’s a Dolan cyclocross frame in the post, some Empella FrogLeg cantilever brakes and Continental Twister tyres. I’ve stripped down the Trek 1000 for a Sora triple groupset, bar and stem. Yes, it looks like cyclocross is on.

I’ve ended up buying tools to free cranks and get bottom brackets out as well as cables. In fact the only thing I’ve forgotten to get is bar tape and a front cable hanger for the brake. Those I can hopefully pick up before the weekend. I also might need some new shoes and pedals.

If I’m all set I’ll be taking on a course which I think has a rather terrifying descent on it. Which is all relatively nothing compared to my profligate spending in the last week. Still I’m shifting a bunch of stuff on Ebay, mostly Shimano 105 parts to make space for the SRAM Rival groupset I’ve got in a corner. I’m rather tempted to use the SRAM on the cyclocross bike and then shift it onto the Giant frame once the season is over.

It seems a bit of a waste though to stick a good groupset on a bike that’s going to get filthy. But the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. After all, groupsets can be swapped fairly easily and I have been concerned that I don’t have space for four bikes fully built up in the flat. It would also mean I could stick the same wheels on all my road/cross bikes as and when I like. It’s only an extra bottom bracket I’d need to ease the task and it means I can sell a few more bits to cover the costs.

Looks like I’ve just talked myself into a revised plan.

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