A timely ar-Rival

My new groupset is here at last! 20% off in the January sale meant there was no way I was going to miss the opportunity to bag the new SRAM Rival setup for the Merckx I’m having built up. Here is the box full of it that came from GB Cycles:

You may notice an odd-looking box marked with the top-of-the-range Force logo. That’s because they very kindly subbed that in for the Rival one that was out of stock. As far as I can tell from the specifications all that differs between the two is the finish: the Rival is the traditional bright silver whereas the Force is a more matt, titanium.

Once the last couple of items turn up (Specialized Toupe saddle) I’ll take them in to get it built up. Still need a seatpin and stem but I’m going to hope they have a Merckx one of the former and that they’ve got a nice Deda stem that works with my Deda 215 bars.

I’ll also be waiting for their advice on tyres as I’m considering going with 25s to smooth out the ride a bit and counter the stiffness of the Merckx frame. That and I want to pick some tyres that will work in my favour for Flanders. Might go with some Continental GP4000s or something a bit more pimpin’ and colourful, if it is available. If not, I’ll settle for Stella Azzura bar tape for pimpin’ my ride.

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