Team Bee short sleeve jersey design v0.1

I’ve been knocking this idea about in my head for a while now: Team Bee

So as I had some time on my hands this morning while waiting for the repair man to come and look at our washing machine, I thought I’d run up a first effort at designing the jersey to see if there is any interest.

If there is, then maybe Team Bee will become a reality and not just a strange fantasy in my mind.

Team Bee Short Sleeve jersey initial design

So show of hands if you are interested in being on Team Bee.

I’m looking at getting the jerseys done by Champion Systems on the recommendation of a few people. To make a go of this, or at least for it to work with their minimums, we’d need ten (10) firm commitments to buy a jersey.

I’d aim for them to be fairly priced at £35, which is cost+£5.

That £5 would in turn be returned to the Co-Operative’s Plan Bee initiative which aims:

“To address the decline in bees, we’re taking action on pesticides, have created a research fund and are inspiring people to help bees in their gardens.”

“We’re petitioning the UK Government to carry out a systematic review of the impact pesticides are having on honeybees.”

Find out more about what Plan Bee is and what it aims to achieve

There might be a few design tweaks before the final version, based on feedback. Not 100% sure on the typeface for the web site address across the front and on the trim but can’t find something that is both legible and says “Bees” among the ones I’ve got here.

Are the bees on the shoulders too much, perhaps plain yellow stripes there instead? I quite like them but there’s five bees on the jersey. Maybe they’re a bit big.

All feedback and design improvement suggestions welcome.

I’ve not put a big deadline on it, but I guess if we wanted to be a “club” we’d need to get affiliated before the beginning of 2011. I wasn’t planning it as a first claim club, more a gentlemanly second claim whimsy.

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