Some recommended cycling reading

I’ve not had much time to write recently so, in lieu of silence or half-baked wittering from me, here’s some recommended reading to fill your time with. I’ve skipped twitter and obvious blogs, as well as magazines. This is a short list of some of the places I like to visit on my interwebs wanderings.

Rock and rouleur – When he’s not bike-bothering, Perry finds time to hold down a day job as the guitarist in Pendulum, touring the world and getting to perform in front of thousands of baying fans. Follow his bike jaunts and guitar adventures. Also, he’s so Welsh even Geraint Thomas and Nicole Cooke feel a bit inferior next to him.

Jo Rowsell’s blog posts – In among the News updates, Jo’s blog posts are a great insight into what it’s like to go from being a top-level cyclist aiming for the Olympics to one of the most in-demand Team GB athletes going to London 2012. Her latest post, on going from World Record setting to the Daybreak sofa is a million miles from the usual fare of professional cycling.

The Cycling Lawyer – The junction between cycling and the law is the most important barometer of how cyclists are considered as road users. As a QC, Martin Porter provides some of the most thorough and informed commentary on cycling and the law in the UK. Martin Porter is another friend of mine: we’ve raced together for years and ridden the Etape together (he somewhat quicker than me).

Cycling Inquisition – One of the few blogs that never fails to deliver something interesting and different. Passionately and – despite its own protests – well written, it brings a very personal perspective on the sport, with its delicious insights into Colombian cycling. It’s always a joy to read about the world beyond the European scene, especially given that Colombia is a sleeping giant of the sport, slowly being roused from its slumbers through the 1990s.

Big Ring Riding – Like an insane drunk with a large cowbell, equal parts hilarious and just a bit scary. Big Ring Riding comes to praise, the riders who bury themselves in search of glory.

Women’s Cycling Tumblr – If I need to find out something about women’s cycling, I go to Sarah’s blog. She knows as much as anyone writing and someone needs to hire her to do so. Quick note: It’s WOMEN’S cycling, not Ladies or Girls. No one says Gentlemen’s or Boys about the Men’s racing.

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