Time to start saving

I’ve been dreaming for a while now of a new frame to replace the Merckx. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore the Merckx as a basic racing bike but part of me desires a really expensive flashy bike.

I was reading a tech article on cyclingnews.com about New road goodies from SRAM which has got me thinking about it again.

The upgrades to Rival detailed make me think that I should consider saving up over the winter for a new groupset. I’ve got the current version on both the Merckx and my Dolan cyclocross bike and really love it but adjustable reach and trim and so on just make it that bit more appealing.

I’ve been thinking about the Cervelo R3 as a frame or really saving up and getting a Serotta Legend made up for me in London Dynamo colours like Paul Callinan’s. There’s always the uber-flash Ottrott option as seen on the Cyclefit site:

Serotta Custom Bikes

However, I have a few criteria in my head that keep on coming before issues such as cost and fit and whether I even have space for such things:

  • It shall be white
  • It will have a classic/shallow drop bar
  • It shall be a classic geometry with no slope on the top tube
  • It shall not be flashy or over complicated visually
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