The finished Dolan Cyclocross build

The finished Dolan Cyclocross build, originally uploaded by leguape.

At last, after many hours of tinkering, crying and wailing it is ready for riding. Woolsey’s of Acton sorted the headset star nut this morning but otherwise all the fitting and maintenance has been done by me.

It’s the first bike I have ever built up from parts myself so I’m rather proud of it. Or will be until something comes loose and I’m cursing loudly.

I rode it across Acton Park’s grassy bits earlier to christen it before I put the bar tape on. The position is 10mm shorter in the stem than my usual as I’ve seen a slightly more shorter position recommended for cross. I say this as if it was choice rather than having a stem that fitted that length to hand.

Can’t wait to get down to Rainham tomorrow and see how I fare in my first race.

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