How brands can make blogs pay and vice versa

Running a blog is not a zero cost enterprise. It's either going to cost you time or money but in many cases it costs you both. I reckon writing can be made to pay and sometimes a little bit of well targeted paid-for content helps bridge the gap in my hosting bill.

That's why I'm giving a crack. It's  part of the Wikio Group and allows you to display videos and publish articles about brands that you like, when you want, whilst earning. It's nice to be able to have a little more choice over what goes on the site, as advertising, other ad providers offers me. And everyone has banners that get ignored. 

So essentially it means brands get on sites that want them there. And the returns for getting involved are great by comparison to relying on other adverts. I mean I could try and do inventory, but I don't have the energy. This way I can pick ads that pay the bills and put them where I think they'll work best. 

I'd quite like to work with some of the big cycling brands like Trek, see if I can make them a little less about Lance and corporate. You know, take some stuffing out of the shirt and let them have some fun. They make some nice bikes that ride well, together we could persuade people what's great about them.

Or take a small classy brand and tell the world what's great about them, like Pegoretti, but I don't imagine Dario needs my help because everyone knows how great his bikes are.

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